Cold Case Reviews

A new feature will be implemented to bring attention to the public about missing persons from Indian Country. We will be doing cold case reviews to make aware the public about Native American persons from different time periods and locations all over the country. We recognize the power of social media and also know that SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE KNOWS what happened to these missing people. And, most importantly, we need to find relatives of these missing individuals that would be willing to give a DNA sample to help identify unidentified remains.

One of the most frustrating things in a missing person investigation is that the family feels left out and unable to help. This is one way that families CAN be involved and contribute to the investigation process. Giving a DNA sample is nothing more than collecting a saliva sample from the cheek of the relative. It costs NOTHING and is PAINLESS. But, it MUST be collected by a law enforcement agency. We can help anyone who would like to help by giving a DNA sample.

We can also help by passing information on to law enforcement referencing a cold case. We understand, that for whatever reasons someone may be reluctant to speak directly with law enforcement. YOU CAN remain confidential, while doing the RIGHT THING.

For anyone who has any information on a case, or is, or knows of relatives of a missing person, please contact Lost and Missing in Indian Country at 325-423-2458 or email or text to 325-423-2458.

Share, pray and help find these missing and bring them home!










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