Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why does it take so long to get anything filed?

A: The simple answer is this-when "reporting" went from paper reports to computer reports, sadly many law enforcement agencies did no go back and capture information on previous cases. The documentation was lost. Many of our older cases were discovered from old newspaper articles.  So, spreading the word throughout the Native American community is essential to re-capturing information on these old cases.


Q: I know someone that is missing. What can I do?

A: If they're not in our Database or on our Facebook page, please fill out this form.


Q: How can I help?

A: If you have information about a missing or unidentified individual, report it to law enforcement. Make sure you have a case number or even a NamUs MP (Missing Person) number or a NamUs UP (Unidentified Person) number.

You can also be aware of those missing from your state, and what he/she looks like.

We also rely on the public to share flyers of missing individuals to help recover those that are lost and to share posters of those that are unidentified in hopes of discovering his or her identity.


Q: Where can I submit a tip?

A: It is encouraged to contact the investigating agency on the case, but you can also fill out this form.


Q: How will the database work?

A: Once complete, you will be able to search missing individuals in each state and pull his or her information, picture, and any news articles and sources we discovered on the internet.


Q: Does Lost and Missing in Indian Country profit anything?

A: Everything we do is volunteer only, we do not get paid. We are ADVOCATES for the Lost and Missing and we strive to give NAMES back to the lost and help them find their way home.




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