What We Do


Missing Native Americans

We assist families of missing people, and make reports to proper authorities. We also assist families with pro-active things they can do to help the cases.

We create posters and flyers for Native Americans missing in the United States, and electronically distribute them on our Faceook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

You can click on the links in the right hand column, to see posters and flyers of missing Native Americans.

If you can not find a poster for someone specific, please check out database to see if have him or her added. If not, please fill out this form.


Unidentified Native Americans

We assist agencies on how to get the word out about their cases, enhancing their chances of getting remains identified. We do this by creating posters and flyers for unidentified Native Americans found in the United States.

Our unidentified Native American posters are located on our Facebook page. To view them, please click on the photos tab, and then the appropriate UNIDENTIFIED STATE folder.


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