lost and missing in indian country

Missing Native Americans

We assist families of missing people, and make reports to proper authorities. We also assist families with pro-active things they can do to help the cases.

We create posters and flyers for Native Americans missing in the United States, and electronically distribute them on Faceook.

Unidentified Native Americans

We assist agencies on how to get the word out about their cases, enhancing their chances of getting remains identified. We do this by creating posters and flyers for unidentified Native Americans found in the United States.

Our unidentified Native American posters are located on our Facebook page.


Report It

If you have information about a missing or unidentified individual, report it to law enforcement. Make sure you have a case number or even a NamUs MP (Missing Person) number or a NamUs UP (Unidentified Person) number.

Stay Up To Date

Please be aware of those missing from your state, and what he/she looks like. Also be aware of anything out of the ordinary. If it looks like it doesn't belong, it probably doesn't.

Spread the Word

Lost and Missing in Indian Country relies on the public, to share flyers of missing individuals to help recover those that are lost and to share posters of those that are unidentified in hopes of discovering his or her identity.

We have posters for missing people on our facebook, twitter, and pinterest accounts. Those can be accessed through the links in the right hand column.


Please fill out the form below no matter how small the information.

Tips and Information

know someone missing?

Please fill out the form below if he or she is not listed on our Facebook page.

Fact Sheet

cold case reviews

Creating awareness to the public of older missing person cases.

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